Deck Snow Melting

Decks can be wonderful outdoor spaces all year long with a snow melting system. Whether you want to create access paths to barbecues and hot tubs, or clear a larger area to limit maintenance and preserve surfaces, Warmquest has a system to meet your needs.

Each deck is unique, which means we have a number of potential solutions for adding snow melting. Our team of experts can help you develop the perfect deck heating solution, tailored for your project.

  • Embed heating cables or mats in concrete decks, or beneath tile or stone surfaces.
  • Use our Pedestal Paver Snow Melt System to heat beneath raised pavers, or between trusses under composite or wood decks.
  • Heat rooftop or epoxy decks with our unique low voltage systems.
  • Use portable, plug in mats to clear walkways and steps.

Deck Snow Melting Products

Tuff Cable Low Voltage Heat

Featuring a 25 year warranty and all the benefits of our low voltage systems, Tuff Cable is flexible, versatile and low profile. Highly customizable and cut to length in the field, Tuff Cable is perfect for concrete, stone, and tile decks where it can be embedded in something cementitious. Tuff Cable can also be paired with Invizimelt Panels under some materials where embedding the cable is not ideal.

Hott-Wire Mineral Insulated Cable

Hott-Wire is paired with our Pedestal Paver Snow Melting System to provide a unique solution to snow melting on pedestal paver decks and terraces. This same system can be customized and installed between trusses on a wood or composite deck. Rugged and robust, Hott-Wire can also be embedded 2 inches beneath the surface of concrete or tile decks.

SnowMeltz Roll Out Mats

SnowMeltz mats are 2′ wide and come in a variety of preconfigured lengths for heating various square footages. These mats are rolled out and then embedded in under concrete, tile, or stone decks.

ZMesh Low Voltage Mesh

ZMesh’s unique properties make it useful for rooftop decks where it can be installed under a roofing membrane to melt snow and ice.

Radiant Trak Portable Heating Mats

Designed to clear walkways and stair treads, Radiant Trak mats are laid on top of decking surfaces and plug into an outlet. These mats are available in a variety of widths and lengths and provide a less invasive option for melting snow on an existing deck.