Radiant Trak

These portable mats are excellent for clearing snow from walkways and stairs. Additionally they offer one of the only solutions for heating wood and composite decking where traditional cables cannot be embedded.

Radiant Trak portable snow melting mats heat walkways and melt snow, ensuring accessibility

Radiant Trak Portable Mats

Our Radiant Trak snow melting mats provide a flexible, portable solution to snow and ice buildup in practically any situation. With mats designed for walkways, stairs, and under mats and rugs, there is an option for your project.


Use a portable mat to heat walkways that are inconvenient to shovel. These mats can plug into 240V or 120V outlets depending on what your preference is. Radiant Trak is an excellent solution for melting snow and ice in entryways for homes or businesses.


Portable heated stair tread mats melt snow and ice

Radiant Trak Stair Treads are a portable way to melt snow and ice from stairs to keep them safe. Stairs can often be a lawsuit waiting to happen during the winter months and installing one of our products will protect you, your family, employees or customers wherever used.


Radiant Trak Mats can be installed on handicap ramps, loading docks and other locations to prevent accidents and ensure safety. These systems can make use of automated activation systems for worry-free snow melting.

Heated door mat eliminates ice and keeps area clearConvenience

Retire your snow shovel and relax in the mornings by installing a Radiant Trak stair tread or mat. There are several mats to choose from depending on the applications. Traction mats provide a a stable walking platform free of ice and snow while underlayment mats are thin and can be concealed under porch mats or rugs.