Explore Our Radiant Heat Solutions

Warmquest has all of your radiant heat needs covered. Not only do we carry products for floor and space warming, roof and gutter deicing, and snow melting, but our team of experts brings you the knowledge and experience you need to find the perfect heating solution for your project.

Our solid state systems offer longevity, reliability, and safety. With options for new construction, renovations, and retrofitting, we have solutions for building and construction professionals, as well as homeowners and DIY projects.

Learn more about applications for radiant heat:

Snow Melting | Roof Deicing | Floor Heating | Heat Tracing

Warmquest floor warming cables installed in a bathroom
Warmquest Ice Dam prevention products melt snow on roofs
Warmquest heated sidewalk products clearing snow and ice on a building entrance

Wondering where to utilize radiant heat? Here are some ideas:

  • Finishing a basement- The heating element can be installed directly onto the concrete before your flooring is placed.
  • Take the chill off of Tile, Marble, Hardwood and other cold floor surfaces.
  • A heated floor in your nursery, or anywhere else a baby would crawl. 
  • Melt snow from driveways, sidewalks, decks and anywhere else snow accumulates.
  • Heat handicap ramps, loading docks, and other sloped areas that make snow removal difficult.
  • Clear and deice roofs, gutters, eaves, and downspouts- Prevent ice dams, icicles, heavy snow loads, and falling snow and ice hazards.
  • Provide space heating for a cabin or mountain home, where electricity is the only utility available.