Water Treatment Plant Snow Melt

The Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant in Bluffdale, Utah, treats millions of gallons of water every day. The sidewalk on the north side of the building is the main entrance for visitors and employees, and was modified to meet seismic code in 2007.

Low Voltage Sidewalk HeatFor safety reasons and to ensure 24-hour a day access, Jordan Valley Water selected WarmQuest to install 16 zones of snow melt using Heatizon Tuff Cable heating element for the sidewalk and pedestrian bridge. The snow melt project covered 3100 square feet of area in three separate locations of the facility. The approach was designed per ASHRAE’s “Snow Melting and Freeze Protection” guidelines to produce 22 watts per square foot and has 6″ spacing, and the remaining sidewalk and suspended pedestrian bridge areas were designed to deliver approximately 33 watts per square foot and has 4″ spacing.

Heatizon’s Tuff Cable heating element was installed prior to the pouring of a concrete slab on grade for a portion of the sidewalk and prior to the pouring of a suspended slab for the remainder of the locations. Tuff Cable heating element was attached to welded wire fabric which was mounted on castle chairs to keep heating element close to the concrete surface during the pour.

Heated Pedestrian BridgeActivation is accomplished by a pavement mounted temperature moisture sensor, and two Heatizon Selector Boxes, with Auto, Manual and Off operation of individual zones. It also has a custom on/off control that ceases operation of the snow melt systems during emergency situations.

Retrofit Snow Melting
Heated Driveway - Stamped Concrete