Heated Truck Wash

heated truck wash

National trucking company CR England is headquartered in the snowy Salt Lake valley in Northern Utah. Among their many facilities is a truck wash which operates all winter long. To prevent freezing, ice buildup, and slip and fall situations, Warmquest provided a snow melting system designed to heat the wet area and keep water flowing into the drains. The system was installed in 2004 and continues to perform winter after winter.

In order to prevent all of the water from the truck wash from freezing before it reached the drain, 1100 feet of Tuff Cable was embedded in the concrete around the drainage area. The low voltage Tuff Cable was installed in runs on 6” spacing, generating approximately 22 watts per square foot. This heat was determined by the Warmquest team as the most efficient and effective amount for the task at hand.

The Tuff Cable is powered by 2 CBX6 control units and is activated via a manual switch that is controlled by the truck wash operators. When weather conditions bring the risk of ice buildup the system is activated, allowing truck wash operations to continue as usual.

Like any vehicle, these trucks are expensive equipment that require proper care no matter the weather. In addition to concerns of slip and fall incidents, an empty trailer could easily get stuck on the ice preventing additional use of the truck wash.

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