Heated Drainage Path

Heated Drainage PathThe Orem UDOT carpentry building has a large roof drain on the north side of the structure. During the winter months as the snow and ice would melt from the roof the runoff would create a large sheet of ice that would build up at the bottom of the drain. This ice would interfere with parking and foot traffic to the entrance. To solve this problem the project contractor reached out to Warmquest to provide a heated drainage path from the bottom of the roof drain out away from the building.

Working with the concrete contractor it was determined that a 24 inch wide by 25 feet long heated concrete drain would be installed to carry the water away from the building. To insure that the water would not freeze Warmquest installed a Hott-Wire cable system that would generate 36 watts per square foot. The Hott-Wire was secured to welded wire fabric on 6 inch spacing. The welded wire fabric was then raised to hold the Hott-Wire approximately 2 inches below the concrete surface.  Joint jumpers were installed to protect the Hott-Wire whenever it crossed over a control joint. 

This Hott-Wire system is activated automatically by a temperature and moisture sensor installed in the concrete. The sensor is located to catch the water coming out of the roof drain. 

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