Conference Center Snow Melting

Conference Center Plaza Snow MeltThe LDS Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah was a unique and ambitious project. Designed to seat over 20,000 people, the structure has many impressive features and systems. Warmquest was able to provide a snow melting system for the substantial outdoor plaza, steps and sidewalks.

The outdoor areas around the Conference Center are paved with large granite paving stones. In order to extend the life of the granite and to reduce the hazards of slip and fall accidents, the decision was made to install a snow melting system. This system removes the need to use damaging tools and chemicals on the pavers, while providing snow and ice free access to pedestrians.

Low voltage Tuff Cable was selected for the heating element. The cable was attached to the ground and then covered in a sand bed which provided both a surface for the pavers to be installed on as well as a heat sink for the cables. A unique factor in this installation was that the snow melting system was installed over the concrete underground parking structure. The concrete was covered in waterproofing and then the Tuff Cable, sand bed and pavers were installed.

The finished project includes more than 80 CBX7 control units powering over 22,000 square feet of heated area. The system is operated using a manual timer, allowing the snow melting to be activated in advance of storms, events, and whenever else the need may arise. The low voltage CBX7 control units are mounted in various locations in the underground parking structure beneath the heated areas. This was done to maximize the space available for parking.

The longevity and reliability of this heating element was key in the choice to install this system. Tuff Cable is economical and low maintenance which were important to the LDS Church when selecting the system. The system has been in use since 2000 and even survived a tornado during installation.

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