Sidewalk Heating with Redundancy

heated office sidewalk

When the owners of this office building needed a failed snow melting system replaced, they reached out to Warmquest. 

The plan was to heat a stretch of sidewalk and an ADA ramp. Because keeping building access clear was critical and due to prior experience with a failed system, the building management requested a redundant system.

To accomplish this, Warmquest installed Heatizon Tuff Cable twice. Once in the substrate, which was then covered by sand, and then a second, primary set of cables installed on remesh in the concrete pour. With the 2 sets of heating elements and cold leads, if future cracking of the concrete ever damages the system, the building maintenance team can switch over to the secondary loop of cable until the primary is repaired.

Tuff Cable was chosen due to its longevity and ease of repair. Where the area had experienced shifting, cracking, and heaving of concrete in the past, it was important to provide a system that would hold up over time. In addition to Tuff Cable’s ease of repair, the jumper system Heatizon provides for protecting Tuff Cable in concrete crack control joints is beyond compare and highly effective at protecting the system from shifting along the joints. 

To simplify installation, Warmquest designed the system to utilize the existing circuits from the previous system, providing the maximum available heat and coverage with the available power.

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