Heated Paver Entrance

Pavers over Hott-Wire

When this commercial office building decided to redo their entry area it provided the perfect opportunity to add heat. Warmquest was able to provide a Hott-Wire snow melting system to heat the paver entrance. In addition to convenience, this snow melting system keeps the area free of snow for ADA compliance. The lifespan of the pavers should also be extended without damage from shovels and harsh chemicals.

Before installing the Heatizon Hott-Wire, the area was prepared and a sand bed was laid. The sand was approx ½” deep and serves both to protect the Hott-Wire and to act as a heat sink, dispersing the heat from the cables and spreading it out to heat the entire surface.

The Hott-Wire cables were installed in the sand bed and zip tied to stakes to anchor them to the substrate. Another ½” of sand was added over the top of the cables before the pavers were laid.

This project used 4 of our Hott-Wire MI cables. They are activated by a snow and temperature sensor mounted in the pavement. The relay panel chosen to operate this system includes GFEP protection to satisfy code requirements without requiring GFEP breakers installed at the distribution panel.

With the system in place, employees and clients have clear, snow free access to the building. The automated sensor ensures the heat is activated even if it snows outside of business hours. The pavers themselves are preserved from chemical and shovel damage.

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