Heated Existing Driveway

Retrofit Heated Driveway in ActionThere is a growing trend nationally of retirees preparing their homes for “aging in place”. This project was designed to further that goal and prepare the family home for years of living and memories. The adult children gifted their parents a snow melting system to encourage safety, prevent slip and falls and eliminate the labor of shoveling.

The family opted to retrofit a snow melting system into the existing 80’ driveway. For a retrofit installation, saw cuts are made in the driveway for the heating cable to be laid in. The depth, width, and spacing of the cuts are determined by the needs of the system and the type of cable used.

For this retrofit installation Warmquest installed a Heatizon Tuff Cable snow melting system. The saw cuts were ¼” wide, 1” deep, and spaced 6” apart. After installing the Tuff Cable into the saw cuts, a backer rod is installed and then the saw cuts are sealed with a concrete sealant.

A pavement mounted snow sensor was chosen to activate this system. The sensor is designed to activate the snow melting system when the concrete temperature is below 38°F and when moisture is detected. The temperature threshold and moisture sensitivity is adjustable to meet the needs of each customer.

Heated Driveway Sawcuts

The sensor activates the three CBX7 control units that power the Tuff Cable through a selector box. The selector box is designed to activate up to 12 control units with a single sensor. The control units, selector box, and sensor controller are all installed in two weather tight NEMA enclosures that are mounted on the exterior wall of the home.



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Retrofit Heated Driveway