Stair Pan Snow Melting

stair pan deicing

The Red Feather Lodge, near the Grand Canyon came to Warmquest for assistance in protecting their customers from ice buildup on several stairways. The two story lodge has 6 exterior stairways for access to the upper floor. Water freezing and ice buildup was a major safety concern and the decision was made to heat the stairs.

The stairways use a metal pan system, with concrete slabs making up the actual step. Tuff Cable is perfect for metal pans due to its unique jumper system and the cut in the field design of the wire. To ensure effective heating, insulation was installed in the bottom of the pan prior to the cable installation.

Each of the stairways features a CBX6T control unit to power the Tuff Cable. The heating element was embedded in the concrete steps, and then jumpers were used to connect the steps via a conduit run underneath the pans. The jumpers are spliced into the Tuff Cable, providing a non heating wire to bring power from stair to stair. This allows every step to be part of a single loop of heating cable.

heated metal stair pansTo provide the lodge with individual control over each stairway, a selector box was installed. Each of the 6 staircases also includes a sensor to monitor temperatures, providing precision control over the individual stairways.

The end result is ice free access for patrons and employees, reducing the threat of slip and fall incidents.

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