Invizimelt Panels are designed to provide deicing underneath conductive roofing materials, membranes, or decks. The Invizimelt System pairs our Tuff Cable heating element with unique Invizimelt Panels that act as a heat sink to distribute the heat.

Invizimelt deicing eave and valey


These panels provide deicing from beneath standing seam, corrugated, copper, and other metal roof coverings. The heat generated by the Tuff Cable is transferred to the Invizimelt Panel, which then heats the surface area of the metal roof. Invizimelt achieves a very effective melt and can be used to prevent ice dams and icicles, reduce roof load, and prevent other snow and ice related hazards, all without compromising the look of your roof.


deicing under metal roof

Invizimelt Panels are lightweight and easily adaptable to the needs of any roof. They can be used with Tuff Cable to heat any size or roof configuration needed. Deice valleys, crickets, eaves, dormers, and other trouble spots with these easily installed panels.


Tuff Cable and ZMesh are the only products listed to UL standard 1588 for installation beneath roofing materials. Systems include our top of the line control units which contain self diagnosing and monitoring functions to ensure consistent performance and customized activation.

Invizimelt in Cricket to prevent ice


Invizimelt installed on eave

Invizimelt is attached to the roof deck and Tuff Cable is installed into the panels. The panels are covered in ice and water shield and the roofing material is installed over the top.


Tuff Cable carries an industry leading 25 year warranty. The Invizimelt System and Tuff Cable is solid state and contains no moving parts. This contributes to a long lasting, reliable system that will provide the solution to your winter roofing woes.