Heated Parking Lot

Snow Melting System during Storm

To provide safe and convenient access to this Heatizon Systems facility, a parking lot snow melting system was planned and installed by Warmquest. The system was installed in two parts and serves as an excellent case study highlighting two different options for parking lot snow melting.

The parking spaces sit on a slope, creating slippery conditions. The lot also faces north and is nearly completely shaded during winter, allowing snow and ice to build up and linger long after the opposite south facing lot has melted.

Heated Parking Stalls
The solution created was to heat a pair of parking spaces immediately in front of the entrance. This provides access for customers and deliveries who come and go throughout the day. Low voltage Tuff Cable was installed in the existing asphalt via sawcuts. The system operates off of a temperature and moisture sensor, activating the heating cables during snowstorms.

Heated Paths
Following the success of these heated parking stalls, the decision was made to expand the system. To manage budgets and power requirements, solutions were explored that did not involve heating entire parking spaces.

To provide access to the building for patrons and employees, a path was heated along the top of the parking spaces. Additionally the space between each parking stall was heated, creating a clear path from parked vehicles to the path leading indoors. Mineral Insulated Hott-Wire cable was selected for this installation. The cables were also retrofit into the existing surface and the new area was connected to the same sensor allowing the system to activate and operate as a whole.

Heated Driveway Tire Tracks
Heated Driveway and Stairs