Portable Snow Melting Mats

heated stair mats

Nothing beats a permanent snow melting solution, but sometimes embedding heating cables into the surface isn’t an option. This homeowner elected to purchase and “install” our Radiant Trak portable snow melting mats as an alternative.

Radiant Trak mats offer portability and flexibility. While they can be used anywhere, the mats are popular for rolling out on wood decks, metal stairs, and other areas less suitable for embedded cables. This particular homeowner had our Hott-Wire heating system installed in his new driveway, but elected not to replace his steps and front walk. This is where the Radiant Trak mats come in.

To prevent snow and ice buildup on the stairs, 18 Radiant Trak stair treads were anchored into the concrete. At the bottom of the steps, a single 2’x10’ portable mat was installed to keep the landing and sidewalk snow free. The mats plug into each other, chaining them together to a single 240V plug with GFCI protection. The homeowner had the outlet wired to a 12 hour timer to allow the mats to be plugged in ahead of time and activated via the manual timer during a storm.

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