Heating Carpet and Floating Floors

Carpet floors and floating or laminate floor coverings are easily heated with our products. Enjoy heated carpet and floors in your home with help from our team.

ZMesh offers an excellent solution for heating carpet, snap and lock laminate, engineered, or floating floors. The thin bronze screen material does not need to be placed in mortar, allowing the flooring material to be placed directly over the ZMesh.

We offer several additional floor warming products, our experts can help you find the right system for your project.

  • Heat Floating Floors and Carpet with no buildup
  • Can be designed for floor warming or space heat
  • 25 Year Warranty for Maximum Longevity
  • Easily worked with during flooring material changes

Carpet and Floating Floor Heating Products

ZMesh Low Voltage Mesh

The most advanced radiant heating element available, ZMesh is easily installed under most floor coverings, providing an even and gentle heat transfer and only 1/16th” floor buildup. ZMesh can also be nailed and stapled through for hardwood floors and fast installation.

Tuff Cable Low Voltage Heat

Highly durable and efficient, Tuff Cable is suitable for a wide range of floor and space heating applications. Tuff Cable is designed for longevity with an industry leading warranty.

Floorizwarm for Small Spaces

Specially designed to heat areas less than 110 sqft, Floorizwarm is a safe low voltage system that can even heat shower floors, shower benches, and other wet locations. Floorizwarm gives you the flexibility with a complete kit to heat floors in smaller spaces.

Cozy Heat Mineral Insulated Cable

Using industrial grade mineral insulated or self regulating cable, Cozy Heat can be used to warm floors or heat an entire space from kitchens to entire homes or buildings.

Heatwave Mats and Cables

Easy to install, Heatwave mats come with cable in a wide mesh roll for a fast and easy installation. Heatwave cables are free rolled cables for customized layouts to heat around amenities and more unique room shapes. Heatwave products are set in the thinset or self leveling material directly under your floor covering.