Heated School Stairs and ADA Ramp

heated school stairs

When this Utah elementary school decided to update an entrance and add an ADA ramp, Warmquest was brought in to provide a snow melting solution. The entrance faces Northwest and receives no direct sunlight during winter months. Using our Hott-Wire Mineral Insulated cables, our designers and installers developed a snow melting system to provide safety and flexibility for the school.

The architects and engineers of the design team for this project requested a snow melting system that produced 50 Watts per square foot. The ability to activate each cable one by one as needed was also requested. To meet these needs, Warmquest provided 9 custom Hott-Wire cables designed to fit the specific areas being heated. The cables were identified individually for activation.

Each of the 9 cables was attached to welded wire mesh and elevated prior to the concrete pour to ensure the cables were near the surface for more efficient heating. The entire system is activated by an automated temperature and moisture sensor embedded in the pavement, or individual cables can be activated as needed by manual controls. The system provides a snow and ice free walking path for students from the road to the doors of the school. The heated ADA ramp simplifies required maintenance to keep the area clear and increases safe access to the building.

During installation, special consideration had to be made for the handrails on the stairs and ramp. Warmquest worked with contractors and other stakeholders to coordinate the layout of the heating cables and the railings that would be installed later. This was done to prevent damage or compromise of the heating cables during installation of the handrails.

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