Car Wash Deicing

Car Wash Deicing

Car washes are home to a lot of water and runoff. In the cold winter months this can lead to all sorts of icing and drainage issues, which in turn threatens the safety of vehicls and individuals. With this in mind, Warmquest is often called upon to provide snow and ice melting solutions for car washes.

The owner of this car wash was seeking ways to generate more usage during winter months. As part of the complete remodel, it was decided to add a snow melting system to provide accessibility and convenience.

This car wash features a drain at the exit for water flowing off of cars as the exit the wash. In addition, the entrance of the car wash is shaded 24/7. These trouble areas were addressed with a Warmquest radiant heating system.

In order to provide the optimum heat output for this installation, Heatizon Hott-Wire was selected. The cables were installed on welded wire fabric in the new pour concrete, with jumpers to protect the cable in concrete joints. The cables are activated by a pavement mounted, temperature and moisture sensor.

To provide for the unique needs of the facility, two separate systems were installed, with one at the entrance and the other at the exit. The entrance needed heat as it was in the shade constantly. This system and the in concrete sensor that activates it, are intended to run during snow storms to melt falling snow and prevent accumulation.

The system at the exit has the additional challenge of managing runoff water from the car wash. Connected to a separate in ground sensor, this system will run more often, heating the area whenever moisture and cold temperatures are detected. This ensures proper drainage and fights the buildup of ice.

The dual systems provides an efficient solution to both challenges, reducing power usage and operating costs.

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