Custom Heated Sidewalks and Driveway

Custom Hott-Wire Driveway

Beyond our ever expanding line of stock heating solutions, Warmquest offers custom manufactured cables and panels for our most unique projects. This homeowner took advantage of our custom solutions when heating his driveway, sidewalk, and the city sidewalk and approach for their home. 

In residential projects, the city sidewalk and approach generally require permission to heat and if the city ever needed to tear up those areas it could render the entire heating system useless. In this project, the homeowner secured the required permissions to heat two areas of city sidewalk as well as the driveway approach. To preserve the heating system which also covered the home’s driveway and sidewalk the decision was made to have custom sized cables manufactured for each of the city areas. This would isolate them and allow for any possible future demolition to take place without impacting the other heated areas. 

Each area had a custom cable or cables designed to allow for a clean and simple install while generating the appropriate amount of heat based on ASHRAE standards. In addition, zones were configured to allow each area to be shut down independently from the relay panel. 

Heated Driveway - Stamped Concrete
Parking Ramp Snow Melt