Heated ADA Ramps

ADA Ramp Snow Melting

When the Utah Transit Authority began its TRAX light rail project one of the many features planned was a snow melting system for the ADA ramps located at each stop. Warmquest was given the opportunity to design low voltage heating systems for these ramps.

Each train platform features at least ADA 2 ramps. Each ramp includes low voltage Tuff Cable powered by a CBX6 control unit with a step down transformer. The control units are mounted in watertight enclosures or at some locations in a cavity beneath the platform. The Tuff Cable snow melting system is activated automatically in cold weather by a temperature sensor.

Construction began in 1997. For optimum snow melting, the Tuff Cable was fastened to welded wire mesh and elevated to within 2-3 inches of the surface. This places the heating element closer to the heated area and provides more effective and efficient snow melting. Warmquest was able to provide the heat for each of the initial TRAX stations and the Warmquest team performed many of the installations personally.

These heated ramps provide snow and ice free 24/7 access to the train platforms for commuters. Beyond convenience for customers, UTA also benefits from the reduction in liability from slip and fall situations. ADA ramps are required to be free from snow and ice at all times, and this heating system allows the requirements to be met without the expense and possible human error of plowing.

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