Heated Epoxy Deck

The owners of this home reached out to Warmquest after snow accumulation on their deck led to leaking and water damage in the patio area below. To prevent this from happening again, the deck was rebuilt and electric radiant heat was added to provide snow melting and facilitate drainage.

The subdeck surface featured a layer of plywood which Warmquest was able to install a ZMesh heating system over. Because of the structure of the existing deck, surface buildup was a concern and a factor in choosing ZMesh. Only 1/16” thick, ZMesh was perfect for providing heat without elevating the surface beyond the existing doorframes and other structures. ZMesh is often used for roof deicing underneath non conductive materials and fit perfectly for use on the deck.

The low voltage ZMesh was rolled out and attached to the plywood surface, and then covered with another layer of plywood before the entire area was covered with a waterproof membrane. The final surface of the deck, a pebble in epoxy coating, was then poured over the membrane.

The deck includes drains to carry melted snow and ice off the deck. These drains were heated using our GutterMelt SR cable. The self regulating heat cables keep the drains flowing to avoid any freezing or damming that would cause water to back up or refreeze.

The final product is a comprehensive system which provides year round access for use of the deck as well as effective drainage to protect the patio area below. The temperature and moisture sensor activates the entire system at the first sign of snow, ensuring the deck remains clear at all times.

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