Heated Driveway – Stamped Concrete

This driveway was in need of replacement, and because of the steepness of the driveway and the geographic location of the home, a snow melting system was desirable. Warmquest designed a snowmelt system for the home utilizing ASHRAE Guidelines for Snow Melting Systems.

Stamped Concrete Heated DrivewayOnce the concrete contractor had established the grade, managed compaction and provided drainage to prevent upheaval, Warmquest installed welded wire fabric and Heatizon Systems Tuff Cable heating element in the driveway. The Tuff Cable was attached to the welded wire fabric using zip ties and electricians tape. Once the Tuff Cable was attached to the welded wire fabric, both were covered with a thin layer of sand to provide adequate heat sink. Four inches of concrete was poured on top of the sand that covered the Tuff Cable.

By installing the Heatizon Tuff Cable in a sand bed, jumpers for joint crack control were not required, thus saving expense on the installation and eliminating the potential for problems caused by concrete cracking and movement.

heated stairsThe system, activated with an air mounted sensor, turns the snow melt system on when the temperature is 38 degrees or lower and there is moisture present. A Heatizon Selector Box is also installed, which provides Auto, Manual Override, and Off options.

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