Using industrial grade mineral insulated or self regulating cable, GutterMelt can be used to keep your roof, gutters, and downspouts ice-free. GutterMelt can also be paired with a low voltage Tuff Cable or ZMesh roof deicing systems in gutters and downspouts to help water flow off the roof and to the ground.


GutterMelt is our line voltage heat tracing product line. This product can be either a mineral insulated cable or a self regulating cable. Our most common application for GutterMelt is right in the name, melting snow and ice accumulation in gutters and downspouts, but it can also be zig-zagged on roof eaves and valleys to provide a path for water to leave the roof. Typically our self regulating cut to length cable is used for these applications making installation a breeze. These products can be used in combination with our under roof deicing ZMesh and Tuff Cable products to provide a path for water to the ground.

Our GutterMelt cable comes in 5W, 9W, and 12W varieties and is constructed to be more versatile and durable than what you find in the hardware store.

Warmquest's deicing cable prevents ice dams on roofs

GutterMelt systems are maintenance free and can be customized to fit any application in any region. We take pride in creating customized solutions for our customers unique projects including customized activation methods and activation panels with built in GFEP protection.

How it Works

GutterMelt systems use either a fixed length mineral insulated cable or a cut to length self regulating cable. Cable output in watts/lineal foot is determined by application. Relay Panels and Contactor Panels are used to activate multiple circuits on one activation device to accomodate larger projects.  Smaller systems can be powered directly from an activation device or a simple plug in kit.

Warmquest carries a full range of accessories and activators to customize your gutter deicing system

Reliable Deicing

GutterMelt products carry the power of a 10 year warranty at an economical price point for an professional industrialized cable. With no moving parts to replace or maintain, the GutterMelt heat trace system is virtually maintenance free.

GutterMelt Uses Include:

  • Roof Eaves
  • Roof Valleys
  • Gutters
  • Downspouts
  • Pipe Heat Tracing
  • Industrial Applications
  • Commercial Applications
  • Freeze Protection

Our experts would love to help you design a system.