Heated Mass Transit Platforms

Warmquest was privileged to assist this major city with a bus rapid transit project. The project called for the addition of 8 stops with platforms for loading and unloading buses. These platforms and the ramps were heated to increase accessibility and reduce required maintenance.

To best accomplish the project, custom Hott-Wire cables were provided, tailoring this excellent product to each platforms needs. With this large installation, custom relay panels were also used, providing a high level of quality and a system tailor made for this project.

The cables were attached to welded wire fabric and then embedded in a cement bed beneath the finished paver surface. Each custom Hott-Wire cable features the same great construction and longevity of our stock sizes. The cables were designed and installed to generate 50W/sq ft of heat.

Each platform features two pavement mounted snow sensors to ensure the systems activate when snowfall first begins. This removes the need for maintenance personnel to be on site to activate the system and ensures the platforms and ramps are kept clear.

Car Wash Deicing
Heated Paver Entrance