Heating Under Asphalt Shingles, Slate, Cedar Shake, and Membrane RoofsWarmquest heated roof products melting ice from underneath shingles

Warmquest’s unique heated roof products are the only roof deicing systems listed to melt snow and ice from beneath your roofing material. For asphalt shingles, cedar shake, slate, or membrane materials, our products offer safe, reliable heating that stays out of sight.

Warmquest offers ZMesh, a unique roof deicing product designed for installation under your shingles or other non-metal roof covering. ZMesh is a reliable bronze screen that produces an even heat while remaining out of sight. The material can be nailed or stapled through, simplifying installation.

Tuff Cable provides an alternative option that can also be installed under non-metal roofing materials. This product is useful when increased heat load is required. Our experts can help you determine which option is best for your roofing project.


The most advanced radiant heating element available, ZMesh is easily installed under any non-conductive roofing material, providing effective deicing while remaining out of sight. ZMesh can also be nailed and stapled through.

Highly durable with high performance, Tuff Cable can be installed in our Invizimelt Panels or Heatsink Kit and is suitable for a wide range of applications under non-conductive roofing materials.

Using either mineral insulated or self regulating cable, GutterMelt can be used to keep your gutters and downspouts ice-free. GutterMelt can be paired with a low voltage Tuff Cable or ZMesh roof deicing systems in gutters and downspouts to help water flow off the roof and to the ground.