Specially designed to heat areas less than 110 sq ft, Floorizwarm is a safe low voltage system that can even heat shower floors, shower benches, and other wet locations. Floorizwarm gives you the flexibility with a complete kit to heat floors in smaller spaces.


Low Voltage Floor Warming for Small Areas

Warmquest's Floorizwarm provides low voltage floor warming for small rooms and areas.

The Floorizwarm system is designed specifically for areas from 15 to 110 square feet. Each system comes with free flowing pre-sized heating cable perfect to fit any room shape.


The amount of watts generated per square foot vary depending on the spacing between the cables. With Floorizwarm’s free floating cables, instead of a mat, this allows the wattage to be adjusted depending on the project needs.

How it Works

The Floorizwarm series power unit houses a small step down transformer that converts 120 Volts down to 24 Volts or less, safely producing luxurious warmth and comfort for small rooms, and even wet locations like shower floors and shower benches.

Warmquest's Floorizwarm installed for heating a tile floor.


Floorizwarm utilities Tuff Cable Technology, a resistance heating element manufactured of the finest materials. Tuff Cable is a 10-14 gauge stranded copper heating element resistant to chemicals found in mud beds, thin set, concrete and other mortar materials. Tuff Cable is extremely durable and provides the highest longevity on the market.


Floorizwarm provides all the benefits of low voltage floor heat in a small, preconfigured kit.

With no moving parts to replace or maintain, Floorizwarm low voltage floor warming systems are virtually maintenance free and easy to repair. Additionally, the Tuff Cable is backed by a 25 year warranty.


Tuff Cable is installed before thin set, a mud bed, self leveler or a concrete slab. It comes in a roll of free standing cable and has the ability to be installed perfectly to fit your room shape and size. Safe for wet locations including showers, and shower benches, Floorizwarm is a complete kit with a Power Unit, Heating Element, 7-day programmable thermostat, cable attachment kit, and 1 gang box to mount the thermostat to the wall.

Tuff Cable can be installed into all cement mortar applications including rock, stone, slate, travertine, ceramic tile and more. This makes it versatile, allowing it to be used for all floor warming and total space heating applications.

An activation device or thermostat allows you to select the perfect temperature for the floor.

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