Deck Snow Melting with Invizimelt

heated paver deck

Heating a deck for snow melting purposes is an excellent option to create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year. Each deck is different and Warmquest addresses deck heating with the unique challenges of the deck construction and materials in mind.

To heat the three decks at this condominium, our low voltage Tuff Cable was selected. The heating cable was paired with our Invizimelt panels to allow the cable to be installed beneath a cover board rather than embedded in cementitious material.

After the subdeck was prepared, the aluminum Invizimelt panels were installed. The panels act as a heatsink, spreading the heat from the Tuff Cable. The heating cable was installed in the panels and a cover board was installed over the heating system. The epoxy coating for the finished deck was then installed over this cover board.

The system is controlled by an automated snow sensor to ensure the system runs whenever a storm occurs. The controls were installed in a watertight enclosure on the exterior of the building.

To provide for drainage off the heated deck, trough drains were installed and heated with our GutterMelt product. This prevents the drains from freezing and backing up and provides for effective drainage from the decks.

Heated Stone Deck
Stair Pan Snow Melting