Bridge Snow Melting

heated pedestrian bridge

This medical facility at the University of Utah hospital required an icing solution for the main entrance. The entrance is a bridge, making the area especially susceptible to slippery conditions. To prevent slip and fall accidents and provide a clear area, Warmquest designed and installed a snow melting system for the bridge.

Two zones of Tuff Cable were installed, using 1200 lineal feet of heating element to heat approximately 455 square feet. Warmquest used regional ASHRAE data and determined the cable would be installed on 5” spacing to achieve the appropriate heat and keep the area clear.

The cable was anchored to concrete and then tiled over. 2 CBX6 control units each housing a 6kVA transformer were installed beneath the bridge to power the system. A temperature sensor and manual timer were chosen for operating and activating the heating element.

The result is snow and ice free access to the facility for patients and employees. The system was installed in 1999 and has provided safety and protection for many years, highlighting the longevity of low voltage snow melting systems.

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