Easy to install, Heatwave mats come with cable in a wide mesh roll for a fast and easy installation. Heatwave cables are free rolled cables for customized layouts to heat around amenities and more unique room shapes. Heatwave products are set in the thinset or self leveling material directly under your floor covering.

Heatwave Mats and Cables

Heatwave Mats come in a variety of configurations for a simple, DIY friendly heated floor
Heatwave Cable provides versatility and flexibility in DIY heated flooring projects

Our Heatwave products offer flexibility and options for installation. Heatwave mats are 20″ wide and come in 120V or 240V. We have a variety of lengths to suit any project. Heatwave cables utilize the same heating technology, but are laid out as a free flowing cable, offering additional flexibilty for unique shapes or obstacles in a room.

Floor Warming for Small and Medium Areas

Heatwave mats and cables are an effective heating solution for small and medium areas, like kitchens and bathrooms. These are an excellent solution for areas ranging from 10 to 160 square feet, though multiple mats can be used for even greater coverage up to 300 sqft on one thermostat. We have customized Contactor Panels for even larger areas.

Perfect for Tile and Stone Floors

Heatwave systems must be installed into the thinset, self leveling or similar material. This makes them well suited for tile, stone and other hard surfaces.

Warmquest's Heatwave mats are installed under tile for heated floors

Simple to Install

Our Heatwave kits require no soldering, crimping, or cutting and are easy to install for any professional or DIY project.

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