Heated Convention Center Entrance

Heated Convention Center EntranceThe Salt Palace Convention Center has a secondary entrance where concrete slopes downward toward the building. The layout of the area prevented snow from being shoveled, hand railings blocked equipment access and there was nowhere to pile the snow that was hand shoveled out. Years of relying on snow melting chemicals to keep the area clear had left the concrete heavily worn and deteriorating.

To resolve these concerns, it was determined that the aging concrete would be replaced, and a snow melting system installed. Warmquest was given the opportunity to design a snow melting system that would keep the area clear and promote drainage.

7 of our Mineral Insulated Hott-Wire cables were installed in the new concrete. In order to accomodate usage of the convention center, the old concrete was torn out and replaced in stages along with the installation of the heating cables. As the cables were installed, planning and preparation for the hand rails was a must to ensure their installation would not damage the heating element.

These cables are activated by a temperature and moisture sensor, ensuring the concrete will begin to heat at the first sign of snow. Without the need for snow melting chemicals, the concrete will last much longer than the last pour.

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