Parking Ramp Snow Melt

Heated Parking Lot Ramp

The ramps to access this office parking lot would freeze over and create a host of problems. For those accessing the underground parking, cars would slide into the security gate and walls causing costly damage, for those coming and going from the above ground parking up the ramp vehicles were sliding into the street creating a hazardous situation that needed to be remedied.

The building owners did not want to repour the concrete ramps, luckily Warmquest and Heatizon who manufactures the systems we provide have been pioneers in the retrofit installation of snow melting systems.

To install the heating cables without tearing out the concrete, a series of saw cuts were made into the existing surface. After the debris was carefully cleaned and the cuts dried, Hott-Wire cables were laid into the grooves and covered with backer rod and sealant.

To provide the best heating solution for this project, custom manufactured Hott-Wire cables were used. Hott-Wire is a fixed length cable that cannot be altered in the field. While we stock several sizes and use them regularly for projects, custom cables are an excellent option that allow us to cater to specific job needs.

In this case, the custom cables were made to fit the exact lengths needed for the project. They were then installed in the cuts made on 8” spacing where they will generate approximately 30 Watts per Square Foot of heat. The cables were designed to operate on the 480V power on site and are operated by relay panels that incorporate NEC required ground fault protection. A snow sensor activates the system whenever the temperature falls below an adjustable point and moisture is falling on the heated sensor head.

The end result is a pair of snow free ramps without the hassle of removing and rebuilding the existing structures.

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