Deicing for Metal Roofing Materials

Warmquest offers advanced roof deicing solutions specifically designed for installation under standing seam, metal shingles, copper and other conductive roofing materials. With our innovative products, you can enjoy more complete and effective results without the need for visible cables.

Our Tuff Cable product is easily installed in our Invizimelt Panels beneath metal roofing materials. The panels are anchored to the sub roof, allowing the Tuff Cable to easily snap into place. The system is then covered in waterproofing before the metal roof is installed. Our team can help you design an Invizimelt system to meet the demands of your roof.

  • Invizmelt Panels allow for a highly effective heat transfer to metal roofing
  • Clear snow and ice from eaves, dormers, beneath snow retention and more
  • Heat under valley metal on shingle roofs
  • Long term ice dam solution with no cables exposed to the elements

Metal Roof Deicing Products

Tuff Cable Low Voltage Heat

Highly durable with high performance, Tuff Cable can be installed in Invizimelt Panels and is suitable for a wide range of applications under metal roofing materials.

GutterMelt Heat Trace

Using either mineral insulated or self regulating cable, GutterMelt can be used to keep your gutters and downspouts ice-free. GutterMelt can be paired with a low voltage Tuff Cable or ZMesh roof deicing systems in gutters and downspouts to help water flow off the roof and to the ground.