Retrofit Heating for Existing Floors

Warmquest even has solutions for heating existing floors. This can save you the hassle and mess of replacing existing floor coverings or tearing up an expensive flooring material.

Our ZMesh can be retrofit into the floor joists from below. This can be an excellent option for adding luxury to an existing room without the expense of removing the existing floor.

Retrofit installations are a highly custom solution, contact our team to discuss the options for your project.

  • ZMesh can be installed between joists to heat the floor above
  • Versatile low voltage heating option
  • Access to Joists required

Retrofit Floor Heating Products

ZMesh Low Voltage Mesh

The most advanced radiant heating element available, ZMesh is easily retrofit under existing floor coverings, providing an even and gentle heat transfer without tearing up expensive floor coverings. If radiant floor heating is an afterthought ZMesh might be the perfect solution for you.