Front Entry Heating

Heated Entrance

Sometimes snowfall is the least of a homeowner’s worries. In the case of this project, runoff from the roof was turning into ice and accumulating on the sidewalk and front steps. To combat this and provide a clear access path into the home in all weather, the front walk, steps, and a portion of the driveway were heated by Warmquest.

Our low voltage Tuff Cable was selected for the project due to its versatility and longevity. A single control unit and transformer were adequate for heating the space. The system is activated manually by the homeowner via a 12 hour timer. 

Tuff Cable is unique in its low voltage design, providing versatility in the installation and protection of the cable. One instance of this is the jumpers used in the stairs to protect the system against moving concrete. These Jumpers reinforce and protect the heating element, extending the lifespan and reducing the odds of damage and repairs. 

The Tuff Cable is anchored to welded wire fabric on 6” spacing, it was then lifted onto castle chairs to be in the center of the concrete pour. The Joint Jumpers were used in the stairs, and where the cable crosses crack control joints to provide durability and protection. 

Sidewalk Heating with Redundancy