Office Entrance Snow Melting

Heated Business Entrance

As part of a larger remodeling project, this office building decided to install a snow melting system to heat the entrance and stairs. Warmquest was able to design and install a system to keep the area clear of snow and ice, simplifying maintenance and reducing the risk of costly slip and fall accidents.

One challenge of this project was adapting the system to meet the existing power requirements. To accommodate the buildings unique situation, Warmquest provided 6 custom Hott-Wire cables. The Hott-Wire mineral insulated cables provide effective heating in a durable cable.

To reduce costs and time involved in operating the system, the owner decided to add a pavement mounted temperature and moisture sensor to activate the heating cables. The sensor was installed in the concrete where it can capture falling snow and activate the system. Overrides were provided in case an employee ever needed to operate the system manually.

The finished project effectively melts snow and ice at the entrance and stairs leading to this office. This high traffic area will no longer require salts, snow melting chemicals, or employee labor to keep clear and accessible.

Heated Paver Entrance
Heated Convention Center Entrance