Resort Roof Deicing

Heated Roof Eave

The Blue Sky luxury resort outside of Park City, Utah sought out Warmquest to provide a roof deicing solution for several of their buildings.

With this large project came a number of concerns about ice buildup, ice dams, and snow and ice shedding from roofs over highly trafficked areas. It was decided that the Support Building and the Reception Center would utilize Tuff Cable installed in an under roof Invizimelt system. The Invizimelt panels provide a complete roof deicing solutions while remaining out of sight beneath the corrugated metal roofing.

Invizimelt panels allow our low voltage Tuff Cable heating element to be installed beneath metal roofing materials. The lightweight panels are attached to the subroof and feature a channel that allows the cable to be easily installed. The panels are only ¼” thick, creating minimal buildup. The aluminum panels not only contain the cables, they also act as a heatsink, dispersing the heat from the cable over the entire area of the panel for incredible roof deicing results.

In addition to the Invizimelt systems, the Reception Center along with the Distillery used GutterMelt self-regulating cable to create drainage and prevent ice buildup in key areas. These cables were installed by local electricians in the gutters, downspouts, and along the eaves. While the self-regulating cables do not clear entire swathes of roof like the Invizimelt and Tuff Cable, they provide channels for melting snow and ice to escape the roof, preventing ice dams and icicles.

Standing Seam Roof Deicing
Falling Snow Prevention