Falling Snow Prevention

Invizimelt installed beneath metal roofing

Warmquest was privileged to assist Logan High School with a recent remodel and addition. When a new tower was constructed over the entryway, Warmquest was called upon to provide a roof heating system.

The concern was that snow and ice falling from the 3 story tower may land on pedestrians around the entrance to the school. Warmquest designed a roof deicing system to control snow and ice buildup on the roof and protect pedestrians.

Invizimelt panels were installed along the lower 4 feet of the roof. These panels allow our Tuff Cable heating element to be installed beneath the final roofing material. The cables, combined with the panel to distribute the heat, provide a very effective melting solution. Synthetic slate shingles were carefully installed over the Invizimelt panels resulting in a truly invisible roof deicing solution.

To provide comprehensive ice and snow control, Warmquest provided GutterMelt SR cable for the gutters and downspouts. The heat tracing cable and the Tuff Cable system are both activated by a single temperature and moisture sensor. When the roof is clear, a gutter sensor keeps the GutterMelt active until water has drained off the roof.

The result is a clean roof and effective drainage into the gutter system. This prevents ice buildup and icicles from forming and protects pedestrians below.

Resort Roof Deicing
Observatory Roof Deicing