University Roof Deicing

Atrium Deicing

The Taggart Student Center at Utah State University features an atrium with a large set of windows. As snow and ice accumulated on the roof below the sloped windows, it would back up the windows creating concerns about the weight on the glass.

To eliminate the snow and ice buildup, Warmquest designed a ZMesh roof deicing system to keep the roof clear. A zone of Heatizon ZMesh was installed at the base of the windows, and paired with GutterMelt self-regulating cable installed around and down a drain.

ZMesh’s unique properties allow it to be installed beneath the membrane roofing material. For this installation, the mesh was attached to the existing roof and then covered in a new layer of membrane.

The result is a clear roof and no snow and ice accumulating on the windows. To ensure the roof remains clear, the system is activated by a temperature sensor that activates the heat below a set temperature. A state-of-the-art Radiant8 control unit monitors the system.

Heated Drainage Path
Office Roof Deicing