Office Roof Deicing

When the office complex at One Union Station in Denver Colorado needed to manage snow and ice on a roof overhang, they turned to Warmquest for a tailormade solution. Warmquest’s team worked with architects, engineers, and other stakeholders to implement an invisible and permanent roof deicing system

Two runs of 9” ZMesh were installed in a single zone along the inside edge of the overhang. This heated area prevents snow and ice buildup along the clearstory where windows adjoin the roof, providing protection and increasing the lifespan of the structure. The roof is also sloped toward drains in the outer wall and this deicing system keeps the area clear to facilitate drainage. The total heated area is approximately 340 sq ft.

The ZMesh is powered by a CBX23T control unit containing dual 3kVA transformers. The system is activated by temperature sensor, keeping the area clear during cold temperatures and features a manual timer if the need to override the system ever arises.

The ZMesh was installed over the top of the membrane roofing, and then covered with an additional layer of membrane. This system has been in service since 2013, and with a 25 year warranty and ZMesh’s reputation for longevity it will likely outlast the roof itself.

University Roof Deicing
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