Under Metal Roof Deicing

When the Museum of Natural Curiosity, located in Lehi, UT, wanted to have radiant heat installed under their metal roof, they turned to Warmquest for the solution. Warmquest was able to provide and install a Heatizon Invizimelt panel system.

invizimelt under metal roof deicing panelsThis system uses Heatizon low voltage Tuff Cable and is designed to provide radiant heat under metal roofing. Invizimelt is an aluminum panel system designed to rapidly transfer the heat from the Tuff Cable. The Invizimelt panels have a center channel that the Tuff Cable is snapped into. The system includes 4’ x 6” wide straight pieces, pieces designed for the drip edge, left and right turn pieces, along with pieces for the starting/stopping point. These panels can be easily cut to fit all types of roof configurations.

The Museum of Natural Curiosity was concerned with the snow build up in the large valleys and also over a set of exterior stairs. The Invizimelt panel system was installed in each of the valleys and on the eaves over the stairs. The system was designed to provide a 2’ wide path of heat on each side of the valley and a 2’ wide path of heat on the eaves above the stairs. The Invizimelt panels were installed according to a layout design that would meet the requirements for each length of Tuff Cable. The Tuff Cable was then installed into the Invizimelt panels and was sealed into the channels with Invizimelt Z-tape. The Invizimelt system was then covered with ice/water shield before the metal roofing was installed.

Invizimelt melting snow on a metal roofThe Museum also wanted the north and south roofs to activate and run independent of each other. To accomplish this task the control units for each side of the roof are connected their own Selector Box that will activate all of the control units. An aerial mounted snow sensor was then connected to the Selector Box to activate the system when the ambient air temperature is below 38° and when moisture is detected.

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