Space Heating – Cabin

This cabin is situated near a ski resort at 7800 feet in Alta, Utah. The owners wanted to remodel their basement, but did not want to run ducting down to the areas to be heated, nor did they want to install a radiant system that would require any floor build up. The simplest solution was Heatizon Systems ZMesh bronze mesh heating element.

ZMesh heating floors with no buildupTwo 300 foot rolls of 12″ ZMesh screen element were rolled out to cover approximately 600 square feet. The ends of both rolls of element were brought back and connected to a single Heatizon CBX23 Control Unit and 2x3kVA Transformer. The total size of the Control Unit is 17” wide, 12” high, and 8” deep.

The homeowner was pleased to minimize the amount of demolition required, so he was excited to learn that with Heatizon Systems products, he could avoid the cost and problems resulting from installing gas lines, fresh air vents, and exhaust returns to his basement. He was also concerned about meeting heat loss calculations, so Warmquest designed the ZMesh Radiant Heating System to deliver 6,000 Watts to the basement, which easily satisfied the 18,000 BTU’s required by heat loss calculations.

Warmquest's Control Units ensure safe and effective low voltage floor heatingOnce the ZMesh was rolled out on the subfloor, it was simply affixed to the concrete subfloor with construction adhesive and affixed to the wood subfloor with staples. The carpet pad and carpet were installed directly on top of the ZMesh heating element. Because there was no concrete, thin set, hardi-backer board, or other layers added to the top of the ZMesh element, there was virtually no floor build up.

The project is controlled with a Programmable Thermostat.

Space Heating - Mountain Home
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