Floor Warming – Basement Remodel

Roll out, DIY Friendly Floor Heating

During a remodel, this homeowner decided to add in-floor heating to the tile floor. This smaller area was the perfect location for our Heatwave products. Heatwave mats and cables provide an affordable solution to in floor heating and come in presized kits.

With the room being fairly rectangular, a Heatwave Mat in the appropriate size was selected. This mat was laid out on the subfloor by rolling the mat back and forth across the floor, cutting the mat away from the heating cable to turn back and roll the opposite direction.

The dual conductor nature of Heatwave products allows them to be installed without looping back to the starting point. This simplifies layout and installation.

To control the system, an M429 Programmable Thermostat with a floor temperature sensor was installed. The floor sensor is critical to floor warming as it allows the thermostat to directly monitor the temperature of the floor and adjust the heating as necessary.

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