Space Heating – Ski Village

Floor Heat in Ski Resort

Forced air heating systems are not always practical or even available. When this resort at the top of the Wasatch Mountains needed a heat source, the options were limited to propane or electric. For efficiency, reliability, comfort and cost, the resort selected a ZMesh radiant heating system to be used throughout the resort.

12” ZMesh was installed in 36 timeshare units ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms each. The systems took heat loss calculations into account and were designed to provide ample heat for the structures. The systems are operated off of ambient thermostats allowing for direct control over the room temperature.

To provide flexibility and consistency, the ZMesh was installed over the subfloor and then covered with a wood cover board. Tile and carpet were then installed over the top. Once installed, the 12” ZMesh produced between 9 and 10 watts per square foot, keeping the structures comfortably warm even at 9,000 feet.

Each zone is powered by a CBX6 control unit containing the transformer and all necessary control and monitoring systems for operation. These controls are solid state, resulting in years of reliable operation.

Floor Warming - Master Suite
In Floor Heating - Historic Home