Cabin Heated Floors

When the owners of this remote mountain cabin had to choose between propane or electric heating, they reached out to Warmquest for a low voltage electric floor and space heating system.

To heat the cabin, 12” ZMesh was installed beneath carpet throughout the home, with Tuff Cable installed beneath the tile floor in the bathrooms, kitchen, and dining area. Tuff Cable provides the benefits of low voltage heating, but is more suited to embedding in mortar beneath tile than ZMesh. ZMesh on the other hand offers a low profile and ease of installation beneath carpet, wood, and floating floors.

ZMesh under carpet for heatingThe heat is controlled by three control units, with one for the upstairs, one for the basement, and a third for the tile areas. Floor sensors were included to directly control the floor temperature. This ensures optimal heating in all conditions, as opposed to an ambient air sensor that may switch the floor heat off due to sunlight or other environment effects.

The carpet installers benefited from the simplicity of ZMesh, taking advantage of its unique construction and installing the carpet pad directly over the mesh. The mesh is 1/16” thick leading to minimal floor build up. ZMesh can also be stapled or nailed through, making it easy roll out and attach to the floor, and easy to install flooring materials over the top of.

The Tuff Cable was similarly simple to install. The free flowing cable can be cut to length in the field and was thus appropriately sized for each tiled area.

The ZMesh and Tuff Cable provide ample heat to the cabin and are operated from programmable thermostats.

Floor Warming - Basement Remodel
Floor Warming - Master Suite