In Floor Heating – Historic Home

When the owners of a historical home in Park City, Utah decided to renovate their property one of their concerns was how to efficiently heat the home. Being a smaller historical home there was limited space for a new heating system.  The owners turned to Warmquest to design a low voltage radiant heating system that would provide the needed BTUs and would pair well with the flooring materials.   

A low voltage Floorizwarm system was chosen to heat the tile flooring and the tile shower pan for the 30 sq ft bathroom. The Floorizwarm system comes complete with step down transformer, heating cable, installation fasteners, and thermostat with floor temperature sensor. The free floating cable of the Floorizwarm system allowed for the spacing of the heating cable to be adjusted to create the needed wattage to properly heat the space.

ZMesh under hardwood floors providing space heating

A low voltage ZMesh system was custom designed to heat the remaining space, approximately 420 sq ft. This system was chosen because the homeowners would be installing hardwood floors throughout the remaining home and ZMesh is an excellent radiant heating system for under hardwood flooring. There is minimal build up with ZMesh because it is only 1/16” thick. The ZMesh will produce a gentle even heat for the wood floors that won’t cause warping or cracking. The hardwood floors that were being installed would need to be nailed in place, with ZMesh that would not be a concern.  The ZMesh can be nailed and stapled through without causing the system to fail as long as it is not nailed or stapled into a conductive material. A control unit is required for the low voltage ZMesh system. The control unit houses the appropriated step down transformer and acts as the brains of the system, performing self- diagnostics every half hour. It was determined that a programmable ambient air thermostat would be best to activate the system.

The control unit and transformer for both systems required minimal space. Both were comfortably installed in a mechanical closet just off of the laundry room. 

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