Floor Warming – Master Suite

Electric Heated Floors

To add to the comfort and luxury of this mountain home in Park City, a low voltage Tuff Cable system was purchased and installed in the master bathroom area.

A single zone of Tuff Cable was installed throughout the bathroom suite and toilet area. To simplify the installation of the 400’ of cable, the homeowner decided to pair the cable with a third party underlayment featuring grooves for heating cables to be installed in.

The Tuff Cable not only paired well with the tile floor in the bathroom, but brought the advantages of low voltage heat to the floating wood floor in the toilet area.

The system operates using a CBX6 control unit and low voltage transformer, and is activated by a touchscreen programmable thermostat. The thermostat utilizes a temperature sensor installed in the floor to directly control the surface temperature, allowing for precision control of the wood and tile temperatures. 

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