Space Heating – Mountain Home

Warmquest Floor Heat under TileWhen the owners decided to build a mountain home in Big Cottonwood Canyon outside of Salt Lake City, finding an efficient way to heat their new home was one of their major concerns.   The system would need to provide the required BTU’s to meet the heat loss calculations, be efficient to operate at 9000 feet altitude, and easily be installed under different flooring materials.  Warmquest was able to provide a custom electrical radiant heat system to meet all of those needs.  Unlike gas and propane, the efficiency of electrical radiant heat is not affected by altitude; therefore it would operate at 100% efficiency.

Three types of floor coverings would be used throughout the home; carpeting, tile, and hardwood. Carpeting and hardwood covers approximately 1900 square feet of the floor while tile would cover an additional 650 square feet. For the areas with carpeting and hardwood, Warmquest installed 9” wide ZMesh. The ZMesh was installed by either stapling it to the wood subfloor or adhering it with type 1 mastic to the concrete subfloor. The carpet pad and carpet was then installed directly over the ZMesh.  For the area to be covered with hardwood flooring, a vapor barrier was installed before the hardwood was put in place and nailed to the sub floor. A total of five control units with four thermostats were required to power the ZMesh.

There were eight areas throughout the house that would have tile flooring. The square footage for each of these areas was different ranging from 25 to 110 square feet. The Floorizwarm units would work perfect for these areas. They are designed to heat areas as small as 15 square feet up to 110 square feet. It would also allow each area to be activated by its own thermostat.

Warmquest's ZMesh heating a bedroom floor

The family also wanted to be able to “warm up” the house before they arrived. Warmquest installed a telephone activation system that would allow the owners to call in and switch all of the thermostats in the house from vacation mode to a day mode or from day mode to vacation mode. In vacation mode the home can be set to maintain a lower temperature while day mode would provide a comfortable temperature for being in the house. To help prevent a power surge by having all of the control units activate at the same time a custom delay system was installed. The control units will activate one or two at a time over a 5 minute delay period. 

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