Installation Videos


These videos illustrate several aspects of installation and are provided here to assist in the process. We encourage you to refer to the installation manual for a more complete description of the process. Additionally, our team is available to answer any questions, please call 877-877-4724

Low Voltage Installation

 Roughing In the System


Cold Lead to Cold Lead

Cold Lead to Tuff Cable Connection

Tuff Cable to Tuff Cable Splice


Cold Lead to ZMesh

ZMesh to ZMesh Splice


Transformer & Control Units


CBX Control Unit Series

Radiant 8 Control Units - coming soon
Testing & Activation


Floor & Space Heating

ZMesh Floor Heating Standard ZMesh Floor Heating Retrofit Tuff Cable Floor Heating Interior


Roof Ice Melting (Roof Deicing)

Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit(Metal)

 ZMesh under Non-Conductive Shingles

Snow & Ice Melting

Tuff Cable in a Sand Bed Under Pavers Tuff Cable in New Pour Concrete Tuff Cable Retrofit