Snow Melting Solutions: Good, Better, Best

When discussing the various solutions for snow melting, heated driveways, and sidewalks our experts often use the terms “Good, Better, or Best” to describe the options. With Tuff Cable, Hott-Wire, and SnowMeltz each having their own strengths, join us for a look at what makes them good, better, or best.

Good – SnowMeltz

Our line of preconfigured SnowMeltz mats offer a DIY friendly solution to heated driveways and sidewalks. These mats are designed to heat specific sized areas and roll out for a simple installation. They offer a 10 year warranty. 

Due to the cut and turn installation of SnowMeltz mats, they can be utilized in a variety of applications. Jumpers are provided for protecting the mats when they cross crack control joints in new pour concrete. The mats are especially convenient for installing beneath pavers or asphalt where planning for and working around concrete joints is not necessary.

Better – Hott-Wire

Mineral Insulated Hott-Wire provides a robust, free flowing heating cable with the ability to generate high heat outputs for effective performance in any climate. Hott-Wire comes in a variety of preconfigured lengths, varying the spacing allows for cables to be customized to heat various areas at desired heating outputs. Custom cables can be manufactured to meet projects needs. Hott-Wire includes a 10 year warranty.

As a free flowing cable, Hott-Wire offers additional flexibility in installations, allowing for heating tricky areas or working around concrete joints. This allows for Hott-Wire to be more customized than mat systems. Additionally, the free flowing cable can be installed in a retrofit application via sawcuts made in existing surfaces.

Hott-Wire can be installed in a variety of surfaces. It’s unique construction makes it well suited to installation in new pour asphalt, where it handles the heat well and requires less accommodations.

Best – Tuff Cable

Tuff Cable is a unique low voltage heating system used in a variety of applications. Tuff Cable’s greatest strength is it’s versatility, allowing for unique, customized solutions to even the trickiest of snow melting challenges. The low voltage heating element demonstrates great longevity and has a 25 year warranty, in addition it is easily repaired if the worst happens.

Tuff Cable uses a unique jumper system to protect the cable when it crosses concrete joints. Different from the jumpers used in Hott-Wire and SnowMeltz installations, the Tuff Cable jumpers are splice into the cable, meaning the heating element never crosses a joint.

Low voltage Tuff Cable is cut to length in the field, making it very installer friendly. There is no need to worry about coming up short on a presized cable or trying to find room for extra heating mat.

Like Hott-Wire, Tuff Cable can be retrofit into existing surfaces. This allows for heating existing areas without demolition.

To learn more about how Hott-Wire and Tuff Cable compare, check out this detailed article.

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