Portable Snow Melting Mats: A Versatile Solution for Unique Projects

Sometimes embedding heating elements into a surface just isn’t an option. The construction of a deck or stairs may limit the use of permanent embedded solutions. Or a temporary need may not require an invasive solution. For these cases, we recommend our RadiantTrak heated walkway and stair mats.

RadiantTrak products are available in a number of size configurations and are designed for installation on stairs or walkways. They are commonly used on wood or composite decks, where open air layouts do not allow for any embedded cables. Platforms and ramps can also be heated with these roll out mats to keep access areas clear during the winter.

Each mat is designed to plug into a 120V or 240V outlet for activation. Automating RadiantTrak products can be accomplished with a simple plug in temperature sensor. The mats can be anchored to the surface via grommets in each corner.

These portable mats offer home and business owners a flexible option for controlling snow and ice in areas that may not be suitable for a traditional heating cable installation. To see an example of these mats installed and in action, visit our sample projects section.

For more information on RadiantTrak or our other snow melting solutions, contact our specialists at 877-877-4724.

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