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Pets and Radiant Heat

ZMesh-with-wood-floorsRadiant heat can create some cozy spaces for friends and family, but also for your four-legged friends. From indoor spaces to outdoor enclosures, we thought we’d take a look at how radiant heat can benefit your family pet.

Outdoor Spaces: Over the years, we have worked on several outdoor pet enclosures. A common application is to installed snow melting cables in concrete or asphalt. In addition to keeping a dog run snow free, these heating cables warm up the surface, providing a more comfortable place for the dog to lay year round.

Interior Heat: Heated floors are great for walking around barefoot and playing with kids on the floor, but they also are comfortable for the family pet. Many of our customers have shared stories with us about cats and dogs curling up on their heated floors whenever they are running.

For Cold Blooded Animals: Occasionally, we are called upon to provide a unique solution for a project. These memorable examples may not be useful in your home, but just in case you are keeping a large reptile in your backyard we thought we’d share.

When a zoo needed a heat source for their reptile exhibits, they turned to our team. A Floorizwarm cable system was designed for installation inside the rocks in the exhibit.

A facility that handled alligators came to us when they needed to keep their alligator breeding pond at a specific temperature. The Tuff Cable system provided by Warmquest allowed for precision control over the pond’s temperature.

To learn how radiant heat works for the humans in your home, visit:

Replacing Flooring or Roofing over Radiant Heat

zmesh-under-woodOne of the selling points for our electric radiant heating systems is their longevity. In many cases, our low voltage systems will outlast your floor or roof! Today we thought we’d take a look at what precautions you can take while replacing your floor or roof covering with our products underneath.


ZMesh is a very versatile heating element and can be easy to work around when installing a new floor or shingles as long as proper care is taken.

First, the old floor or roof covering must be removed without damaging the mesh. Take care when pulling the nails from wood floors or shingles to not damage ZMesh, and do not cut carpet over the ZMesh. Additionally, the transition plates must be protected from damage.

Tuff Cable

For cable systems embedded in mortar or a similar material, it is often very difficult to replace the flooring without damaging the heating element. Tile should be removed carefully without disturbing the mortar bed, and then a new tile install can be done over the top of the embedded cable.

Keep in Mind

Some additional things to remember for any system:

  • Know where your cold leads are (the start and stop points that lead back to the control unit). If the heating element needs to be replaced, and the cold leads are in place and accessible, there is a great chance you will be able to connect new heating element to the existing cold leads and reuse the control units.
  • In flooring installations, you will want to keep an eye out for a floor temperature sensor. If your system has one you should avoid damaging it while tearing out the floor.
  • If the cable or mesh is damaged, a repair may be possible. Consult your installation manual for details on this process or contact our technical support team at Warmquest.
  • Always make sure to turn the breaker off before working on any electrical system.

If you plan to redo a floor or roof with a Warmquest system installed, give us a call first. Our trained experts can give you detailed guidance related to your specific system and project.

3 Radiant Heat Myths

Myth #1: Wood Floors Cannot be Heated radiant heating myths

A popular misconception is that hardwood floors are impossible to heat. Beliefs that the wood will dry out, crack or warp when heat is applied are common. Fortunately, these concerns are all easily mitigated by proper installation of both the hardwood floor and the radiant heating system.

When installing wood floors, the hardwood should be properly acclimated in the home prior to installation. When adding radiant heat, this acclimating process should be continued by gradually bringing the floor up to the desired temperature following installation.

The other concern with heating wood floors is the process of nailing the floors down. You shouldn’t nail through or otherwise puncture cables or tubing. At Warmquest, we avoid this by using ZMesh by Heatizon Systems. One of the unique features of ZMesh is that it can be nailed through during installation of the wood flooring. This makes for easy installation under most any floor covering.

Myth #2: Hydronic Heating Systems are Less Expensive

The choice of what heating system to use will vary depending on the desired results, project needs, and other circumstances. Pricing however is less of a factor.

Electric radiant heat is 100% efficient as opposed to boiler systems which idle and continue to use energy. Electric radiant heat also produces an even heat throughout the system, where hydronics experience cooling as liquid moves away from the boiler. Electric systems have no moving parts and require no maintenance, while hydronic systems require seasonal maintenance. Additionally in the event something damages the system, electric heating elements are more easily repaired.

Myth #3: Adding Radiant Heat Requires Removing the Existing Floor or Pavement

Want to heat your floors or driveway? You don’t have to tear everything out.

For floor heating, ZMesh can be retrofit into the floor joists and insulated to provide heated floors above. This allows for heated floors, without the need to redo your floors.

Heated driveways can be retrofit into existing concrete and asphalt. Saw cuts are made, and the cable inserted and then sealed.

What other myths have you heard about radiant heat? We’d love to debunk them!

Finding a Heated Floor Product [Flowchart]

Warmquest offers several floor heating products, with varied strengths and applications. Our experts can help you put together the best system for your needs, but we have created this flowchart to get you started. Selecting-the-right-floor-warming-product For more on information on heating various flooring materials, visit our Heated Floors page.

Winter is Coming, 4 Ways to Prepare Your Home

4 ways to prepare your home for winter

There are nearly 2 weeks left of summer but that hasn’t stopped advertisers like Kmart from launching holiday commercials. While it may feel a bit early to kick off holiday shopping, winter weather will be here before we know it.

Before the snow and ice come it’s a good idea to prepare your home for winter and wrap up any ongoing projects. We’ve put together some things to check for and consider.

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